A list with the best Brawl Stars YouTubers!

we list the best youtubers for brawl stars

Just like many other things in life, trying to determine the best Brawl Stars YouTuber is no easy task.

Some viewers will always put a greater value on content creators who focus more on entertaining its viewership, while others prefer those of great knowledge and accurate claims.

In the end it’s really up to each individual to decide which Brawl Stars YouTuber they prefer, but to do so it’s always nice to have a couple of good options to pick from.

Here’s our list with the best Brawl Stars YouTubers to date:


KairosTime is a dorky Brawl Stars mathematician with some of the worst dad puns you’ll ever hear – but he’s still our top choice out of all the Brawl Stars YouTubers that exists! This guy does his homework thoroughly, which saves a lot of time for all of you who want to know hard stats and facts, without being willing to put in the time and effort to research it yourselves.

Coach Cory

Much like Kairos Time, Coach Cory also provides in-depth strategy analysis of Brawl Stars. In our opinion he basicly does what KairosTime does, only slightly worse (which isn’t an insult at all!) With that said, he’s still super knowledgeable about the game and really consistent when it comes to posting new YouTube videos on a regular basis. If you never watched anyting with the Coach, now is probably a good time to do so.

Chief Pat

Chief Pat is a high energy fast-paced Brawl Stars YouTuber with a ton of good content on his channel. Chief Pat is perfect for all of you that’s easily bored, as he NEVER stops talking – resulting in YouTube videos with a steady progress!


Chiken might very well be the coolest Brawl Stars YouTuber we got, aswell as a really good Brawl Stars player. He also hates teamers just as much as we do, which gives him a special place in our hearts and also a spot on this list!


Lex is the king of overhyping even the most basic stuff, but even though he’s sometimes a bit annoying to watch, there’s also times when he’s funny and does his job really well! We would especially like to suggest Lex for casual Brawl Stars players who focus more on having a good time than anything else, even if he also produces content fit for more ambitious players.

– Brawl Stars News crew


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