Best Brawler for Big Game!

Best Brawler for Big Game Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars Jessie

The best Brawler for Big Game is currently Jessie, and here’s why:

  • Jessie’s long attack range enables her to engage enemies from a far distance.
  • The projectiles from Jessie’s normal attacks spreads on to multiple targets, which makes it a lot easier to handle big groups of enemy Brawlers.
  •  Jessie’s turret (her super) is an annoying and deadly weapon that serves as a perfect distraction. It will either kill her opponents or give her some valuable extra time while the hunters focus it down. On top of that it’s probably recharged and ready to go again as soon as it’s killed.
  • Unlike Shelly, Frank, and many other Brawlers, Jessie doesn’t remove the bushes with her super – which makes it easier for her to hide!
  • She works excellent as the Big Brawler (Boss), but also really well as a hunter.

Sidenote: It’s important to reach power level 10 with Jessie to be able to reach the best times possible. This gives her optimal stats and enables her super, which gives her normal attacks the ability to heal her turret with every shot. It also makes them bounce on to enemy targets for double value. Without her star power she loses a lot of her potential, but she’s still extremly powerful on the Big Game event, even on lower power levels.

Here’s a clip with a cheesy Jessie strategy, which makes it really easy to achive Big Game times past the 3 minute mark:

Other good Brawlers for Big Game

Here’s some other Brawlers that’s also really good in Big Game, starting from best to worse:

  • Nita – good reload speed, AOE attack, great super that reloads fast, pokes well around corners.
  • Crow – good movement speed, successful attacks gives vision of his targets, mobile AOE burst super.
  • Penny – great AOE attack, good attack range, decent super.
  • Colt – good movement speed with his star power, good attack range, fast reload speed, AOE super.

– Brawl Stars News crew


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