Who is the best Brawler in Brawl Stars?

who is the best brawler in brawl stars

“Who is the best Brawler in Brawl Stars?” – That’s a question that many new (and some old) Brawl Stars players are often asking themselves, without a clear answer in mind.

One of the biggest reasons why this question is so tough to answer, is the fact that Brawl Stars is a really complex game. It has a lot of different modes, maps and events where the same Brawler can shine in one situation, only to be almost useless in the next.

This adds a significant amount of variables into the equation, where one has to have both a great deal of in game experience and analytical skill, to be able to determine exactly which Brawlers that’s better than others.

What might be the simplest approach to decide who reigns supreme, is to look at which Brawler who racks up the overall best performance on all the modes, maps and events combined.

If that’s the premise then the answer suddenly becomes quite simple, atleast if you ask us and many of the highest ranked players in the game – the best Brawler in Brawl Stars is Spike!

spike is the best brawler

(IMPORTANT UPDATE: Many players currently see Leon as the number one Brawler in Brawl Stars, as he’s still somewhat broken even after his latest nerf. However, we do not support this, as we’re still certain that Spike’s a more versatile Brawler than Leon (has an overall better kit for most situations). Compared to Leon, it’s also more likely that he’ll stay at his current power level for a long time, while Leon probably will see atleast one more devastating hit from the nerf hammer in one of the following patches to come.)

So why is Spike the best Brawler in Brawl Stars?

There’s a couple of different reasons why Spike is such an amazing Brawler in almost every situation he faces:

  1. Even with the recent nerf, Spike still has one of the highest attack ranges in the game.
  2. Spikes regular attacks and super covers a large area when used, which gives him excellent area controll.
  3. Being able to self heal with his ulti (once you get his star power) makes him a tougher nut to crack than one would imagine, as it greatly increases his survivability.
  4. He’s also cute enough for enemies to easily forget how deadly he really is, providing him with many free kills in the process. 😉

Spikes achilles heel – his mobility

If there’s one big flaw with Spikes kit, it’s without a doubt his mobility.

With that said, it would be nothing but ludicrous to even mention the possibility of an improvement in this direction – as it would automatically turn him into an unparalleled beast on the battlefield, atleast three times as overpowered as any other Brawler in the game!

Lucky enough for Spike he’s doin’ just fine regardless of his limited movement options.

A good Spike knows his limits and will only walk up close to something like a Bull, El Primo or Shelly, if he knows it will result in their death and not his own.

– Brawl Stars News crew



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