Best Brawlers for Boss Fight!

Best Brawler for Boss Fight in Brawl Stars

To be able to get as far as possible in the Brawl Stars event Boss Fight, it’s really important to pick the best Brawlers possible for the job.

In our opinion the best Brawlers for Boss fight is:

  • Leon
  • Colt
  • Bull

These Brawlers really complement each other and have the unique skillsets needed to really shine in Boss Fight.

Remember that it’s also really important that you’ve reached the max power level with your Brawlers, as it will otherwise be almost impossible to finish the Boss on the hardest stages of the Boss Fight event.

Why Leon is one of the best Brawlers for Boss Fight

Leon is good in the Boss Fight event because of his high dps potential and his ability to stay alive with the help of the extra movement speed from his super. Just move in close to the Boss and burst out your damage, before moving out again to regroup. Never forget that your main job is to stay alive at all times, as it’s cruicial for the success of your team.

Why Colt is one of the best Brawlers for Boss Fight

Colt is good in Boss Fight thanks to his long range, high dps and great movement speed. Stick to the Boss with your shots as much as you can and try to use your ulti in clever ways, damaging both the boss and the other robots around you.

Why Bull is one of the best Brawlers for Boss Fight

As in many other game modes and events, a tank can be a great addition to your team composition. Bull fills this role really good in Boss Fight, as he’s both tanky and great at dashing out a lot of damage at the same time. He also have the ability to escape death thanks to his ulti, which will sometimes be the only way to keep your team in the game.

Other good Brawlers for Boss Fight

  • El Primo (works well as a replacement for both Leon and Bull.)
  • Pam (works well as a replacement for Leon and Bull.)
  • Jessie (works well as a replacement for Colt.)

Check this YouTube video with Coach Cory if you want to know even more about which Brawlers that’s best suited for the Boss Fight event and why:

– Brawl Stars News crew


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