Best Brawlers for Robo Rumble!

best brawlers for robo rumble

UPDATE: The content of this article is currently outdated and applies to the older Robo Rumble map, where the robots spawned at the top and walked in straight lines through narrow corridors towards the safe at the bottom. On the updated version of the map the safe is placed in the middle, with robots spawning and approching the safe from all angles. The walls can also be destroyed in the new version, something that wasn’t possible before.

The best team setup for the new map is now:

Pam, Jessie and El Primo

– Brawl Stars News crew

OUTDATED: Robo Rumble is a special event in Brawl Stars that can be very lucrative when it comes to quickly collecting a large amount of tokens!

To achive this in an optimal way you need to be able to survive as long as possible, while also equipping yourself with token doublers to get the most out of every round.

The key behind your teams survival skills highly depends on which Brawlers you picked, as some are A LOT stronger than others on this event.

Enough said, these are (in our opinion) the best Brawlers for Robo Rumble:

1. Colt

brawl stars coltWhile Colt might not be the best Brawler in a mode like Bounty, where his opponents can juke around and dodge the majority of his bullets, this is not the case in Robo Rumble – where Colt is an absolute beast! Both the regular robots and the bosses follow simple patterns, making it really easy to hit them with all of Colt’s bullets from every single shot! Colt’s super is even stronger, as it can deal massive AOE (area of effect) damage when hitting multiple targets at once. By grouping up as many robots as possible and forcing them through a corridor, Colt can sometimes even fully recharge his super with itself.

2. Ricochet

brawl stars ricochetRicochet is not far behind Colt when trying to determine who’s the best Brawler for Robo Rumble. On some maps he’s even better than Colt, when there’s robots coming from all angles with many walls to bounce his shots off. Ricochet’s super is almost similar to Colt’s in terms of AOE damage, making both him and Colt staples in every Robo Rumble team.

3. Barley

brawl stars barleyAnother Brawler that shines on all the Robo Rumble maps with allot of walls is Barley. Barley can do some crazy amounts of AOE damage with his regular attacks and super combined, without even being in danger of taking damage himself. Just place him behind a wall where he is completely safe and laugh as the robots literally melt in piles around him!


4. Pam

brawl stars pamPam is a really solid Brawler in Robo Rumble, much thanks to her super and star power combined! Her healing abilities makes your team so much more durable, as you sometimes heal more per second than the robots can do damage to you. Pam is a great pick if you’re new to Robo Rumble, as it’s easy to perform well with her.

5. Shelly

brawl stars shellyShelly might not be the best Brawler for Robo Rumble, but she’s certainly not the worst! Just like Pam, she’s also a solid Brawler that it’s hard to do bad with. Overall good AEO damage with both her regular attacks and super, with the ability to push back the ever stacking hoards of robots, when they get dangerously close to herself and her teammates.


Honorable mentions

Besides the five Brawlers that’s listed above, that we strongly believe are the best ones for Robo Rumble, we also like to add a couple of honorable mentions.

All the tanks in the game, can also do really well in Robo Rumble, when combined with each other.

We’re talking about Brawlers like El Primo, Bull, Franky, and even Nita and Jessie, who can both work well as semi-tanks if you got their respective Star Powers unlocked!

Just make sure you each take turns tanking the waves of pesky robots, giving the rest a chance to heal back up, every once in a while.


With this information at hand, we’re certain that you’ll beat your old Robo Rumble record in no time, as picking the right Brawlers makes all the diffrence in the world!

If possible, try to queue up as three man group, as it will make it much easier to coordinate a good team setup.

We wish you the best of luck with your times when the next Robo Rumble event is available, getting you as many tokens as possible!

– Brawl Stars News crew


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