Best way to spend gems in Brawl Stars!

best way to spend gems in Brawl Stars

We’ve already covered different ways to get Gems in Brawl Stars but once you have them, what is the best way to spend Gems? While you can use Gems to buy many things in the game follow this list to maximize your progress:

  1. Token Doublers
  2. Event Tickets
  3. Special Offers of 30% or more

So how are these items used to boost your progress? Let’s go through the list and explain what each item does.

Token Doublers

Token Doublers Brawl Stars

Token Doublers will double the next 100 Tokens you earn from Battles and is a great way to boost your ability to unlock Brawl Boxes. Unless you are ready to open up your wallet to spend real money, spending Gems on Token Doublers should be your number 1 priority!

Event Tickets

Brawl Star Event Tickets

Event Tickets are used to participate in the weekly special Events that start each weekend. A pack of 6 tickets for 10 Gems, 20 tickets for 30 Gems and 60 tickets for 80 Gems can be bought from the shop during weekend while the Event is active. You will earn a certain amount of tokens depending on your performance in the Event.

Special Offers

Special offers of 30% or more is also a good way to spend your gems as they provide great value when you want to purchase certain items. Sometimes you can even find rare Brawlers on special offers!

Here is a video explaining the above:



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