Brawl Stars Siege Event (New Game Mode)

Brawl Stars Siege Event

Today ( Feb 27, 2019) Supercell released a new 3vs3 event / game mode in Brawl Stars, called: Siege!

Siege is a really original and fun game mode where the main objective is to destroy the enemy teams IKE assembly turret, located at the opposite side of the map!

Siege Maps

There’s currently 3 Siege Maps in rotation:

  • Nuts & Bolts
  • Bot Drop
  • Some Assembly Required

On all these maps there’s bolts spawning in the middle area of the map. By collecting more of these bolts than your opponents you’re able to asseble and spawn a powerful Siege Robot, that helps you in your fight against the enemy team and the siege on their assembly turret. Take notice that you need to hold each bolt a short amount of time before it’s fed to your IKE, so even if you pick one up there’s still a chance to lose it if you’re quickly killed.

Without a robot it’s almost impossible for most Brawlers to get close enough to damage the enemy turret, as it will fiercely start attacking you at a certain range, and most of those Brawlers who can are still not very efficient without one.

Some of the best Brawlers when it comes to damaging the IKE turret on their own, without a robot or other Brawlers to help them, are Penny, Bull and El Primo.

Penny can place a sneaky cannon deep in the enemy base, that will keep firing on the enemy IKE turret as long as there are no other targets that’s closer and as long as it’s not killed. Bull got his super to quickly close the gap to the IKE turret for some quick burst with his shotgun and since El Primo’s super makes him indestructible in the air, he’s also able to reach the IKE turret and attack it with a flurry of punches.

Siege Strategy

There’s already a bunch of different Siege strategies circulating which are all pretty effective. The most common ones though, are the control types with atleast one thrower and a range Brawler in the mix, which makes it really hard for melee Brawlers to advance on the battlefield without taking heavy damage.

If you’re able to zone your enemies well enough, you will have an easy time collecting all the bolts, which makes Siege a bit similar to gem grab. On the other hand, it’s also important to pick Brawlers that can collapse hard on the enemy turret once they have the chance to do so, which is a lot more like what’s required of a good heist setup.

One cheesy tip we can give you is that it sometimes better to lose a bolt round on purpose, if you’re almost certain that you will be able to handle the next enemy robot without losing. This way you will start the next bolt round with a lot more bolts than the opposing team, giving you the chance to spawn an even stronger robot to help you finish the game in your favour!

Best Brawlers for Siege

It’s still to early to say exactly which Brawlers that’s the best for Siege and the different maps, as the meta needs some time to evolve first. It does however seem likely that both Jessie, Pam, Barley, DynamikeRico, Nita, BoColt, and Frank are all Brawlers that will have a slight edge compared to all the others on this particular map.

– Brawl Stars News crew


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