Brawler guides

This is the page where you’ll find all of our Brawler guides!

We’ve chosen to categorize the Brawlers depending on their rarity, but there’s of course a lot of other things that sets them apart from eachother (like their individual attack range and so on…)

Every Brawler has been thoroughly played and tested on all of the modes, maps and events, and we can also assure you that we’ve reached atleast 500 trophies or more with a Brawler before adding its guide to the list.

We promise you that our guides will help you become a better Brawl Stars player, teaching you atleast a thing or two you didn’t already know about the game!

Starting Brawler


Trophy Road Brawlers

Nita – Colt  – Bull – Jessie – Brock – Dynamike – Bo

Rare Brawlers

El Primo – Barley – Poco – Rico – Darryl – Penny

Epic Brawlers

Piper – Pam – Frank

Mythic Brawlers

Mortis – Tara

Legendary Brawlers

Crow – Spike – Leon

(Click the name or avatar of a specific brawler to access its in depth brawler guide!)

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