Brawl Stars Brawler Tier List

It will always be up to debate which Brawlers that are better than others, but it’s important to also understand that this is something that varies from mode to mode, map to map, and team composition to team composition.

There’s just no Brawler that outperforms everyone else in every single situation, and thank god for that! Even Brawlers that are generally seen as underpowered got their moments where they shine, which in a good way also showcases how balanced this game really is!

With that said, lets move on to our Brawl Stars Brawler Tier List with the best Brawlers in the game in terms of their average performances for each mode and map combined – starting from best to worse (left to right, top to bottom)!

Brawler Tier List

S+: Spike, Leon
Rico, Brock
A+: Poco, Piper, Penny, Barley, Mortis
A: Crow, Colt, Pam, Bo, Jessie, Shelly, Dynamike, Tara, Darryl
B: El Primo, Nita, Franky
C: Bull

(Take notice that this list drastically changes as soon as a particular mode and map is chosen!)

Tiers Explained

S+ tier = Greatly overpowered
S tier = Overpowered

A+ tier = Slightly overpowered
A tier = Balanced

B tier = Slightly underpowered
C tier = Underpowered
D tier = Greatly underpowered

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