A list of all the free Brawl Stars skins!

list of all the free skins in brawl stars

Here you can read about all the free Brawl Stars skins that exists in the game.

There’s currently three free Brawler skins in Brawl Stars, but we will of course keep a close eye on any new ones that’s added and update this article accordingly.

Check the headlines below to get exact information on how to unlock or use all the free skins, without spending a singel penny of your hard earned money!

Star Shelly

star shelly skinThe Star Shelly skin was initially made by Supercell as a reward to the players, if Brawl Stars could reach over 2 million pre-registrations before the official game launch, a number that was easily surpassed by a couple of million registrations.

If you haven’t jumped on the Brawl Stars bandwagon yet, there’s still time to claim the Star Shelly skin simply by creating an account before 2019.


Top Hat Mortis

top hat mortis skinIn the early stages of Brawl Stars, Mortis used to be equipped with a cool looking top hat! For some weird reason Supercell then decided to rework Mortis default skin, sadly removing the top hat in the process.

The response from the community was both instant and harsh. A unanimous roar demanded that the top hat would immediately be brought back to the game, and Supercell eventually caved in and added the skin as a free alternative for all to use.

Wizard Barley

barley wizard skinThe super rad Wizard Barley skin was made by Supercell as an incentive for players to connect their Brawl Stars accounts to a Supercell ID. This keeps your account safe and also enables you to play on it on multiple devices.

Just go to the in game settings and connect your Brawl Stars account with an old or newly created Supercell ID, to unlock your free Wizard Barley skin!

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  1. Do you free skins in brawl stars

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  6. I’m just curious, how do you get top hat mortis?

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