How to color your name in Brawl Stars

how to color your name in brawl stars

Support for color tags removed (color codes can be removed with one free name change). From now on you instead change your color by doing this:

1. Press your avatar / name in the top left corner of the main screen, to access your trophy road / profile screen.

2. Press the profile icon at the top left corner of your trophy road / profile screen, or scroll as far to the left as possible.

3. Press your name to access the color settings sceen and then choose your desired color.

– Brawl Stars News crew


Have you seen players with their name colored and wondered to yourself, how do they do that? Well fear not, we will explain it all and it is quite simple! 🙂

When you enter your name, either for the first time or when changing the name on an existing Brawl Stars account, type <c#>name</c> where # is the number for a color (see color chart below).

Remember that the name can only be 12 characters long and as the code for the colors are 8 characters, you will need to pick a name of 4 characters or less.

It appears as if the limit of 4 characters of colored text is incorrect. The maximum length of a colored name is 7 characters!

These are the color codes:

0 = black
1 = white
2 = red
3 = green
4 = blue
5 = cyan
6 = pink
7 = yellow
8 = purple
9 = dark red

That is how you get your name colored in Brawl Stars but be aware that Supercell is likely to patch this in a future update, but who knows right?

Here is a quick video demonstrating the steps above:


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