How to get gems in Brawl Stars!

how to get gems in brawl stars

Gems is the currency of Brawl Stars and can be used to purchase boxes, token doublers, power points, coin packs, skins and brawlers. You earn some gems for free by playing the game but they can also be purchased for real money. Lets go through the steps on how this is done!

How do you get free gems in Brawl Stars?

The only way to get gems for free is to get some when unlocking boxes. There are three types of boxes: Brawl Box, Big Box and Mega Box.


Brawl Box

Brawl Box Brawl StarsBrawl Boxes are unlocked by using 100 Battle Tokens. You get 10 Battle Tokens each time you click on a new event or when your Brawlers gain a rank. 20 Battle Tokens are awarded for gaining an experience level and they can also be gained by completing events. Brawl Boxes generally contains coins and Power Points but they sometimes contain Bonus Items such as Gems, Event Tickets, Token Doublers or even Brawlers!

Big Box

Brawl Box Big Box Big boxes are unlocked by using 10 Star Tokens or by paying 30 Gems in the shop. Star Tokens are gained by winning a 3 vs 3 event, finish top 4 in a solo showdown event or top 2 in a duo showdown event. The Big Boxes contain 4 rewards instead of 3 and increased chance of getting Bonus Items!

Mega Box

Mega Box Brawl Stars

Mega boxes are purchased for 80 Gems unless they appear as a special offer of 60 Gems. They contain a lot of coins and power points but Gems can also appear as Bonus Items.


How do you purchase gems in Brawl Stars?

You purchase Gem Packs from the Brawl Stars Shop using real money. If you are playing on an Android device you will use Google Pay to make the purchase whereas you will be paying using the App Store if you are on iOS.


How much does gems / gem packs cost in Brawl Stars?

Gem Packs in Brawl Stars

Prices will be presented in your local currency depending on where you are located but these are the current prices in USD:

  • 30 Gems for $1.99
  • 80 Gems for $4.99
  • 170 Gems for $9.99
  • 360 Gems for $19.99
  • 950 Gems for $49.99
  • 2000 Gems for $99.99

Now that you know how to get a hold of them, head on over to our post on the best way to spend Gems in Brawl Stars!




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