How to get Star Powers in Brawl Stars!

how to get star powers in brawl stars

A Star Power is the last power spike a Brawler can achive in Brawl Stars before reaching its final evolutionary stage, earning its full potential. In this article we’re diving deep into the topic of just exactly how to get Star Powers in Brawl Stars, leaving no stone unturned!

What’s required to unlock a Star Power?

Before even thinking of getting your hands on a Star Power the first thing that’s required of you is to upgrade atleast one of your Brawlers to power level 9. This will then unlock the possibility of aquiring it’s Star Power, through one of the available options. Also worth mentioning is the fact that once you aquire a Star Power for a particular Brawler, it automatically upgrades it to power level 10.

Required level to be able to unlock Star Powers

How to get a Star Power for free?

Once you’ve reached the required level for atleast one Brawler, this opens up the possibility of getting it’s Star Power (for free) in every Brawl Box you open. The chance to do so is 1% for every box, of course divided between all your Brawlers that currently resides at power level 9. Compared to getting Legendary Brawlers the probability never changes for Star Powers, even if you’re extremly lucky succesfully aquiring several Star Powers back to back.

(Take notice that a Big Box is equal of opening three Brawl Boxes and a Mega Box equal of opening ten Brawl Boxes.)

The chance of getting a Star Power in a Brawl Box

How to purchase a Star Power?

Besides aquiring Star Powers from Brawl Boxes, players sometimes also have the option to purchase Star Powers directly from the shop. Offers like this can appear both through your Daily Deals or Special Offers that comes with a discount.

(Take notice that this isen’t pay to win, as everyone can aquire the needed gems and gold totally free of charge.)

The prices are either 2000 gold or 233 gems through the Daily Deals:

Cost of buing a Star Power with gold

Or sold at a lucrative discount through a Special offer like this one:

Cost of buying a Star Power with gems

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