How to get Star Tokens in Brawl Stars

How to get Star Tokens in Brawl Stars

There are three ways to get Star Tokens in Brawl Stars:

  • Win a 3 vs 3 event
  • Finish top 4 in a solo showdown event
  • Finish top 2 in a duo showdown event

Brawl Stars Star Token Event Icon

You can easily see which events will reward a Star Token as a Star Token icon will appear in the upper left corner of the event box. Once completed the timer for that event will be reset and you will have to wait until you can get another Star Token for the same event. There is a timer listed in the top border of each event to let you know when the event resets.


What are Star Token used for?

Star Token are used to unlock Big Boxes and you need 10 of them to unlock a Big Box.  You can read more about Big Boxes in our guide on how to get gems in Brawl Stars.


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