How to get the Wizard Barley skin for free!

how to get the wizard barley skin for free

Playing Brawl Stars you might have noticed the blue Wizard skin that’s commonly used by a lot of Barley players.

This skin is called “Wizard Barley” and can actually be unlocked for free without much effort!

Here’s what you need to do to get it, totally free of charge:

  1. Log into the game and go to the settings screen
  2. Locate the button where you can connect your Supercell ID and press it
  3. Either log in to your Supercell account or create a new one
  4. If you created a new account, check your mail and submit your verification code
  5. Claim the Wizard Barley skin for free!

We hope you enjoy your new Barley skin! Now go and show it off to everyone!

– Brawl Stars News crew


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  1. why in my case no wizard

  2. someone said you also get barley for free is this true

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