How to join a club in Brawl Stars

How to join a club in brawl stars

Follow the steps below to join a club in Brawl Stars:

  1. Click the ‘SOCIAL’-icon on the main page.
    brawl stars social
  2. Click the ‘CLUB’-tab.
    brawl stars club tab
  3. If you are looking for a specific Club, search for it by clicking the ‘SEARCH FOR CLUBS’-button. Otherwise just click a Club in the list and skip to step 5.brawl stars search club
  4. Enter the name of the Club you want to join in the search field and click the ‘SEARCH’-button. You will see a list of matching Clubs in the right column, click the one you want to join.
    brawl stars search club button
  5. If the Club you’re joining is an open Club you will see a ‘JOIN’-button. Click it and you’ve joined the clan!
    brawl stars join open club
  6.  In the case of a closed Club the button will instead read ‘Request join’ and once you click it you’ll be prompted to enter a message describing who you are and why you should be accepted as a member.
    brawl stars request club membership
  7. Now you have to wait to see if you get accepted or not. Good luck!


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