How to reach max time with the Robo Rumble glitch!

Robo Rumble Glitch Brawl Stars

The old Robo Rumble glitch does no longer work! Supercell recently fixed the glitch by resizing all the walls. This has made it impossible for El Primo to create a bunker with his super, where he can hide and trap both the boss and the other robots at the top of the map.


There’s also a new Robo Rumble glitch available that’s possible to perform if you, a friend or a club member owns a max level Dynamike. With the help of his star power, Dynamike is able to constantly jump over a particular wall in Robo Rumble, which makes it impossible for the Robots to reach him.

This makes it possible for your team to still reach the max time for the event, as long as your other two team members are strong enough to handle the rest of the robots alone and a boss doesn’t destroy the wall!

Check this YouTube-video with Coach Cory if you want to know even more about the new glitch:

Brawl Stars News crew

Outdated: You might have heard some fuss about players reaching a whopping 13 minutes and 14 seconds in Robo Rumble (which is also the max time possible for this Brawl Stars event!)

We’re here to tell you that these rumours are 100% true and in this article we’re also going to break down exactly how to achive this time for yourself.

The Robo Rumble glitch – how it’s done!

These are the necessary steps in order to pull of the now famous Robo Rumble glitch:

  1. Pick El Primo and team up with two mates, preferably playing Pam and Bull (with a high power level)
  2. Let the El Primo kill of the first couple of waves himself, enabling his super in time for the first boss to spawn
  3. Slowly lead the boss and as many other robots as you can to the top side of the map (watch out for the shooting robots)
  4. Once you reach the area on the picture below, use El Primos ultimate and jump into the wall where you’re safe from harm
  5. Job well done. Glitch enabled!

Robo Rumble Glitch

Other important factors to avoid failure!

If done correctly the boss and the other robots close to you will now get stuck at the top of the map, without being able to kill or even touch you.

As more robots spawn at the top they to will get stuck and eventually you’ll reach a point where robots stops spawning completly (once you reached the allowed robot limit that may exist on the map at the same time.)

It’s super important that your teammates never move from the safe in the middle, as this might attract the boss and the others robots attention, which will then undo the glitch and in the end lead to complete failure.

Their ONLY task is to stay close to the safe, guardning it from the few robots that don’t get spawn trapped at top.

The hardest part of the Robo Rumble glitch is probably to kill the third boss, if your team is unlucky with its spawning point. We do, however, promise you that it is possible! You just have to play smart and kite around a lot while killing it!

Reap your rewards!

Congratulations! With precise execution, this should provide your team with the maximum Robo Rumble time of 13 minutes and 14 seconds. However, you should also be aware of the fact that you only need 6 minutes and 15 seconds reach the max token reward, as this will save you a ton of time in your pursuit for Brawl Boxes!

Watch this YouTube video to get an even deeper understanding on how to set up the Robo Rumble glitch:


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