How to win with random players in Brawl Stars (reaching 500+ trophies with every Brawler!)

how to win with randoms in brawl stars

To tell the truth, it’s a lot easier to win games and quickly push trophies with an arranged team in Brawl Stars, than together with random players that you end up with while queueing on your own.

With that said, it’s still 100% possible to reach 500+ trophies with every single Brawler in the game, only by playing with total randoms!

This is how it’s done:

1. Have fun and git gud in the process!

Don’t even worry about winning games and stacking up a huge amount of trophies when you first pick up Brawl Stars. Your initial focus should just be aimed at having as fun as possible and enjoying the game to it’s full potential. If that’s your approach you’ll end up playing Brawl Stars A LOT, which will ultimately result in you becoming a better Brawl Stars player (in most cases)!

2. Always do your best and never ever tilt!

This might be obvious for most of you, but we’re still seeing tons of players who just gives up far to early in a game, or who straight out trolls after losing a few games in a row. With this mentality it’s almost impossible to win more games than you lose, so be sure to give it another thought the next time you feel like throwing a match on purpose. A much better option is stop playing for a while until you cool down and stop steaming.

3. Ditch the trash and stick with the pack!

Playing Brawl Stars on your own will undeniably expose you to a lot of different teammates and a key component for success is to be able to determine which of those that are bad, and which that are good (or atleast fits your playstyle and builds towards a proper team composition for a certain mode / map). Once you get a hang of this you will be able to better spot and than stick with random players that will increase your chances of winning.

4. See your own flaws and be willing to listen, learn and evolve!

Even pro players makes mistakes on a regular basis and it’s important to be able to turn these into an advantage, rather than a burden. Those Brawl Stars players who are able to both see and acknowledge a higher percentage of their own mistakes and then improve on these, will always be the ones who reaches a greater success than the rest. A good tip is to read up on some quality guides and to watch YouTubers like KairosTime and Coach Corry, who both dedicates much of their free time to educate the Brawl Stars community to become better players!

– Brawl Stars News crew


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