Lunar Brawl skins!

Brawl Stars Lunar Brawl skins

As of today, the 31st of january 2019, Supercell released the first batch of Lunar Brawl skins in Brawl Stars. These will be available for purchase in the shop for a 14 day period, so hurry up and buy them while you can!

The Lunar Brawl skins are made as a tribute to celebrate the chinese new year, also known as the lunar new year.

Lunar Brawl skins 2019:

Lion Dance Brock

Brawl Stars Lion Dance Brock Skin

Seasonal skin offer for 150 gems in the shop.

Comes with cool sunglasses, a red outfit and an amazing dragon granade launcher!

Royal Agent Colt

Brawl Stars Royal Agent Colt Skin

Seasonal skin offer for 150 gems in the shop.

A pretty bland skin that almost looks like the normal one. No extra animations. Our recommendation is to give this skin a hard pass!

Dumpling Darryl

Brawl Stars Dumpling Darryl Skin

Seasonal skin offer for 80 gems in the shop.

Might just be the best Lunar Brawl skin of 2019! Comes with altered animations for both his normal attack and his super, and the name of the skin is nothing but brilliant!

You can also find a list of the Lunar Brawl skins on our page about all the limited skins in Brawl Stars.

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  1. after purchase of the new lunar skins, how long will the skins be available to use? the xmas ones weren’t available to use just after xmas season so that’s kinda lame.

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