Brawl Stars modes, maps and events

Below you’ll see the full list of every mode, map and event that exists in Brawl Stars.

Click a specific mode, map or event to access in depth information that will help you improve as a player, werther you’re a total newbie or an experienced pro!

We provide helpfull competitive strategies, recommended brawlers and team compositions, and also some small tips and tricks that might tip the scales in your favour.

brawl stars event gem grab

GEM GRAB (game mode)

Hard Rock Mine (map)

Crystal Cavern (map)

Mushroom Cave (map)

Bone Box (map)

Temple Catacombs (map)

Deep Hollows (map)

Ancient Cavern (map)

Echo Chamber (map)

Flooded Mine (map)

Stone Fort (map)

Snow Fort (Brawlidays version of the Stone Fort map)

brawl stars event showdownSHOWDOWN (game mode)

Feast or Famine (map)

Thousand Lakes (map)

Skull Creek (map)

Death Valley (map)

Hot Maze (map)

Double Trouble (map)

Island Invasion (map)

Cavern Churn (map)

Scorched Stone (map)

brawl stars event heist

HEIST (game mode)

Bandit Stash (map)

Kaboom Canyon (map)

Safe Zone (map)

G.G. Corral (map)

Cactus Corral (map)

Fancing Fencing (map)

Forks Out (map)

Cactus Corral (map)

Bone Tunnel (map)

brawl stars event bountyBOUNTY (game mode)

Temple Ruins (map)

Terracotta Square (map)

Cabbage Patch (map)

Star Gulch (map)

Snake Prairie (map)

Shooting Star (map)

Outlaw Camp (map)

Groundhog Burrow (map)

Canal Grande (map)brawl stars even brawl ballBRAWL BALL (game mode)

Backyard Bowl (map)

Tripple Dribble (map)

Pinhole Punt (map)

Sneaky Fields (map)

Super Stadium (map)

Puddle Splash (map)

SIEGE (game mode)

Nuts & Bolts (map)

Bot Drop (map)

Some Assembly Required (map)

brawl stars event robo rumble

ROBO RUMBLE (event only)

Keep Safe (map)

Pachinko Park (map)

Steel Junction (map)

brawl stars event big game

BIG GAME (event only)

Calamity Canyon (map)

Hall of the Mole King (map)

Hunting Party (map)

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