Bounty – mode, strategy, tier list and maps

brawl stars event bountyBounty is a Brawl Stars mode where two three man teams face off on a map, where the main objective is to collect the most points throughout the duration of a round.

Points are earned by either killing a Brawler on the enemy team, or by picking up the star in the middle of the map (which only spawns once at the start.)

As a player you’re able to queue up for Bounty either alone, together with a duo partner, or as a full team (three in total, as earlier stated.)

Bounty strategy

Long ranged Brawlers tend to do allot better than others in Bounty, making both Piper and Brock somewhat of a necessity on most maps. Without these two powerhouses on your team you’re putting yourselves in a disadvantage to say the least, as it can be almost impossible to close the disstance without getting killed in the process.

Even super mobile Brawlers like Mortis and Darryl will struggle with this task on several maps, even if they can be rewarding counterpicks on a selected few.

Working together with your teammates to secure kills is another important trait of a successful Bounty team. It only gets more and more important as you keep climbing the rankings, facing better and better players in the process.

Try your best as a team to lead your enemies with your shots from diffrent angles, until there’s no where left for them to escape – and then finish them off!

Besides everything we already mentioned, there’s no doubt that good aim and unpredictable moving patterns also plays a huge part to decide the winner of every Bounty round, but we would guess that most of you already figured that out by yourselves…

Bounty tier list

(Click on a specific Brawler below to access its Brawler guide with in depth analysis, competitive strategies and other usefull tips and tricks!)

S+: Piper, Brock
S: Penny, Bo
A+: Mortis, Rico, Dynamike
A: Crow, Colt, Darryl, Barley
B: Spike, Pam, Jessie, Tara, Poco, Nita
C: Franky, Shelly, Leon
D: Bull, El Primo

Tiers Explained

S+ tier = Greatly overpowered
S tier = Overpowered
A+ tier = Slightly overpowered
A tier = Balanced
B tier = Slightly underpowered
C tier = Underpowered
D tier = Greatly underpowered

Bounty maps

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Temple Ruins

Terracotta Square

Cabbage Patch

Star Gulch

Snake Prairie

Shooting Star

Outlaw Camp

Groundhog Burrow

Canal Grande

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