Brawl Ball – mode, strategy, tier list and maps

brawl stars even brawl ballBrawl Ball is in our opinion one of the most interesting and team oriented Brawl Stars modes there is, where multiple team compositions works (as long as you use the right strategy) and skill REALLY makes a ton of difference (luck wont take you far!)

You can queue up for Brawl Ball on your own, as a duo group or as a full three player team – but you will always face your opponents 3vs3, whichever option or map you might chose.

The main objective is to score goals, as two scored goals instantly leads to victory. It’s however not the only way to achive a win, as one goal more than your opponents is enough, as long as the time runs out or you score a goal on overtime. 0-0 or 1-1 results in a draw, at the end of the overtime period.

Brawl Ball strategy

There’s tons of different ways to score goals and win games in Brawl Ball, but it’s almost mandatory for each team to have a ball carrier. A ball carrier is the main Brawler carrying the ball for your team, while you try to score. It’s usually a Brawler who’s quick on his feet (yeah, we’re talking about Mortis) or someone who’s both mobile and tanky (like El Primo and Darryl). While the ball carrier tries his/her best to dribble, it’s the rest of the teams job to give him/her a clear path forward.

It will take some time to learn all the situation and combos of this Brawl Stars mode, but once you do we’ll promise you’ll have a blast playing it!

Check the clips below to learn more on how to play both El Primo and Mortis as ball carriers, but be aware of the fact that these clips are somewhat outdated! Nowadays you’re (among other things) able to hide behind the goals, which is a huge change for this mode. Lets see how long it lasts, as we believe it might get patched in the near future to change the passive meta that we’re currently experiencing.

Brawl Ball tier list

(Click on a specific Brawler below to access its Brawler guide with in depth analysis, competitive strategies and other usefull tips and tricks!)

S+: Tara, Spike, Mortis
S: El Primo, Jessie, Franky
A+: Brock, Shelly, Nita, Pam
A: Bull, Crow, Colt
B: Rico, Leon, Darryl, Dynamike
C: Barley, Poco, Penny
D: Bo, Piper

Tiers Explained

S+ tier = Greatly overpowered
S tier = Overpowered
A+ tier = Slightly overpowered
A tier = Balanced
B tier = Slightly underpowered
C tier = Underpowered
D tier = Greatly underpowered

Brawl Ball maps

(Click on a specific map below to access: Brawler tier lists, team compositions, competitive strategies, and other usefull tips and tricks!)

Backyard Bowl

Tripple Dribble

Pinhole Punt

Sneaky Fields

Super Stadium

Puddle Splash

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