Gem Grab – mode, strategy, tier list and maps

brawl stars event gem grabGem Grab is a mode that’s playable both solo, duo and as a three man team.

You face off 3vs3 and the main objective is to quickly grab gems that spawn from the gem mine in the middle of the map and carry them long enough to reach a limit of atleast 10 gems (you always need more than the opposing team) to trigger a 15 second countdown. If the countdown reaches its end, the team that triggered it will be crowned as the winner.

Note that the countdown can be reset and stopped if a team loses enough of its gems or if the other team gets to a higher gem total. This usually occurs if a gem carrier dies, as all of the gems that he or she carried will dropped on the ground for anyone to re-grab.

Gem Grab strategy

In the current meta, most of the pro players will agree that a Gem Grab team should consist of three different roles:

A Gem Carrier, an Aggro Brawler and one Defensive/Supportive Brawler that can help the Gem Carrier to relieve some pressure in the backline.

Gem Grab is ALLOT about zone controll where you want to deny the other team access to the gem mine, while having free access to it yourself.

It’s usually a bad move for the Gem Carrier to go to deep offensivly on the map, as a death in this position makes it superhard to recover lost gems, something that loses games on a regular basis in the lower ranks of the game.

Gem Grab tier list

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S: Pam, Rico, Brock, Spike, Leon
A: Poco,Penny, Jessie, Barley
B: Bo, Shelly, Nita, Tara, Mortis, Piper

Gem Grab maps

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Hard Rock Mine

Crystal Cavern

Mushroom Cave

Bone Box

Temple Catacombs

Deep Hollows

Ancient Cavern

Echo Chamber

Flooded Mine

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