Heist – mode, strategy, tier list and maps

brawl stars event heist

Heist is a Brawl Stars mode that’s playable both alone, with a duo partner and as a three man team, but you will always face the enemy 3vs3.

The main objective is to be the first team that cracks the other teams safe open (destroys it) and it’s simply done by attacking it with all the fire power you got!

Take notis that you’re also able to win if you dealt more damage than your opponents when the time runs out.

Heist strategy

To be successful at Heist you need to balance your efforts to reach the enemy safe and attacking it, with the equally important task of stopping your foes from reaching and damaging yours.

Brawlers with high aoe (area of effect) damage that’s also able to blow up walls tend to do great on almost every Heist map in the game. The same goes for really mobile Brawlers that’s able to quickly reach the enemy safe with their supers and focusing it down.

Zone control is just as important on a Heist map as many other modes and maps. You can really punish an enemy team if you’re able to put them in a choke point, where they’re unable to move freely, making it hard for them to advance in an offensive direction on the map.

Heist tier list

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S+: Bull, Barley, Brock, Leon
El Primo, Dynamike, Colt
 Jessie, Shelly
Crow, Penny, Spike, Darryl
Rico, Pam, Poco
Bo, Franky, Tara, Nita
Mortis, Piper

Tiers Explained

S+ tier = Greatly overpowered
S tier = Overpowered

A+ tier = Slightly overpowered
A tier = Balanced

B tier = Slightly underpowered
C tier = Underpowered
D tier = Greatly underpowered

Heist maps

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Bandit Stash

Kaboom Canyon

Safe Zone

G.G. Corral

Cactus Corral

Fancing Fencing

Forks Out

Cactus Corral

Bone Tunnel

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