Showdown – mode, strategy, tier list and maps

brawl stars event showdownShowdown is a Brawl Stars mode that’s playable both alone and as a duo group.

The main objective is to be the last Brawler or team standing on a map, that consists of ten Brawlers in total at the start of each new round.

Showdown strategy

It’s important to pick up as many power ups as you can by destroying the wooden boxes on the battlefield, as they increase both the hit points and attack power of your Brawler.

Try your best to use zone control to your advantage and move in on enemy Brawlers while they have a split focus fighting others, especially if they are low in health. Dead Brawlers do also drop power ups, which makes every kill an even sweeter triumph.

Also, beware of the outskirts of the map, as a thick toxic fog spreads closer and closer to the center, forcing Brawlers to sooner or later engage each other in the middle of the map.

Short range Brawlers can often benefit from a shrinking battlefield, if there’s walls to hide behind. Long range Brawlers on the other hand should do thier best to make full use of thier advantageous range while they can, or suffer the consequences of thier actions.

Throwers are extremly strong on maze like maps where they can attack other Brawlers behind the safety of all the walls. Try to avoid engaging them if you can, until you’re both on even terrain.

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Showdown tier list

(Click on a specific Brawler below to access its Brawler guide with in depth analysis, competitive strategies and other usefull tips and tricks!)


S: Leon, Spike, Crow
A: Shelly, Dynamike, Barley, Tara
B: Bull, Darryl, Nita, El Primo, Frank


S: Spike, Leon, Poco, Brock
A: Crow, Dynamike, Barley, Rico, Colt
B: Bo, Penny, Mortis, Piper

Showdown maps

(Click on a specific map below to access: Brawler tier lists, team compositions, competitive strategies, and other usefull tips and tricks!)

Feast or Famine

Thousand Lakes

Skull Creek

Death Valley

Hot Maze

Double Trouble

Island Invasion

Cavern Churn

Scorched Stone


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