New Brawler Gene, coming soon!

brawl stars new brawler gene

We’ve recently gotten our hands on some live gameplay with Gene, where you can get a good look at his in game mechanics. Check the YouTube video right below:

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There’s a new Brawl Stars Brawler on the horizon and his name is Gene (HP 5040)!

We’re currently unaware about the exact date for Gene’s release (probably middle of february), but there’s no doubt that he will be added to the game shortly!

After watching some live gameplay with Gene it’s obvious that he will have the ability to hook other Brawlers (super damage 420), pulling them into close range. This is a common mechanic in many other games, but a new and welcome addition to Brawl Stars.

His main attack seems to have a short but deadly impact on enemies (regular attack damage 1400), which makes it a perfect fit for a Brawler that’s able to grab his opponents from a far distance.

Rumors say that the chances are high that he might be a mythic Brawler, a statement that doesn’t seem to farfetched considering the fact that there’s only two mythic Brawlers in the game so far.

Watch the YouTube clip below for a sneak peek of Gene, aswell as a ton valuble information about all the new skins, balance changes and maps that coming to Brawl Stars with the next big update!

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